Bolg's Crew

An up and coming pack of trolls in the service of a particularly strict Mistress Race mother.


Bolg: Karg’s Son (Intitiate)
- Intimidate the small
- Leader of trolls
- Fears mother
- Very high affinity with Karg

Hoboom: drummer
- Fawnskin drums
- Morale-lifting heartbeat
- thuds of doom

Uzgar: Worshiper of Zorak Zoran (Intitiate)

  • speaks mostly Darkspeech, has trollkin skeletons to do his bidding
    - Darkfire Spell
    - Animate cloud of dead insects
    - Very High affinity with ZZ

Kilmartig Tizintie

  • purple cloak, sunglasses, likes Stayn and the crew
    - High affinity with AA

Bolg's Crew

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